Why is America richer than Nigeria? Part 3

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Good evening and welcome to the Business in You Daily for today! Interestingly, we’re continuing the discussion on why America is richer than Nigeria. We’ve got several opinions from our readers around the world and wish to share them for your reading pleasure.

Carol Kezziah Wambui is from Kenya, let’s see what she had to say. “Well, I am not a Nigerian but I believe that Africa as a whole faces the same challenges. America for one is an old economy. They have perfected their governance systems for several centuries while most of our African economies are in their early 50s.

The natural resources that are present in Africa have benefited those who come from outside Africa because we the Africans lack the know-how to refine them. Our youths when they conceive an idea usually find it very expensive to implement because the cost of production in (Kenya) Africa is way too high. The availability of information is another challenge. Most of our young people start small and remain small, due to these factors, high cost of production and lack of information.

Another thing I think will always place America above us is that America is a giving nation! Africans have “receiver” mentality. We are given and given and we never have enough. When there is famine in any place in Africa, you will see an American flag raised up as they bring in donations and medical aid while the neighbouring countries in Africa will watch and give little or nothing. So I believe they will be replenished much for their giving attitude.

Another problem in Africa is that we are not keepers and maintainers of equipment. I watched in dismay as TDJakes ministry came to Kenya to dig bore holes for the marginalized population of Northern Kenya. The boreholes were later abandoned because the pumps sort of broke down. I saw an MP make an appeal to TDJakes to come back and help repair the pumps. That’s how we are!

A tractor which was donated to a youth initiative to help them harvest wheat in large capacities is rusting away in a field somewhere because of a breakdown. If you ever worked with The Americans, you must have noticed their promptness to do easy repairs on computers, lawn mowers, etc, while for us, if a lawn mower breaks down, we go back to medieval ways of cutting grass instead of doing a simple repair.

In Kenya, the cost of seed, fertilizer, and machinery has been a challenge to those wishing to engage in farming. Chinese brought in their cheap (plastic) rice and sell it so cheap that our own farmers have been left in wonder.”

My dear, this is how far we can go for today. Meanwhile, we need you to add your own voice to this ongoing discussion and don’t forget we’re reaching you from Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy. Just sign up now at www.youthscare.org and begin your journey to greatness.

God bless you and good night!

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Remy Chukwunyere


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Why is America richer than Nigeria? Part 2

Nigeria Hi, good evening and welcome to your popular “Business in You Daily”! Yesterday we started a discussion on why America is richer than Nigeria. This issue has sparked up a whole lot of debates on several platforms where it was broadcasted yesterday.

So, for today, I am going to showcase a few of the opinions from our readers around the world for your reading pleasures.

See what Dr Chinny Anya from UK had to say…

“Remy, before private sector can thrive, and as you rightly opined, add immensely to the growth of our GDP, it is the duty of the government to create a conducive atmosphere for the private (very risky) sector to thrive. It was only the Marshall plan after the Second World War that lifted Germany out of their gloom, before the private sector eventually thrived.

In the UK, the steel plant at Port Talbot, owned by the steel mogul of India, recently had a very bad patch, and the UK government intervened to ensure this private sector thrives. Back home, the government has a lot to do with, principally, our basic infrastructure to help the private sector drive effectively our economy.

As the Facebook CEO recently confirmed on his visit to Nigeria, Nigerian youths have what it takes to thrive in the private sector, but it is not rocket science to discern that the dilapidated infrastructure is their main obstacle. In this regard, if the APC administration would fulfill their promise to salvage AERO, it would be a good start, because it is similar to what happens in the developed economies, particularly when the demise of such private businesses is not due to the egotism of the management.”

Now, let’s hear from Cosy Umah, who wrote in from Spain…

“Hon. Remy, may God continuously enrich you with more wisdom. There are so many reasons why America is richer than Nigeria but in my opinion, government policies have much to do in developmental processes.

An example is the TAXATION system. In Europe, their tax system helps to control both private and public extravagance expenditures. An individual in Nigeria can have more than 10 private cars and does not pay tax on any. Many businesses in Nigeria are not paying any kobo as tax while in Europe here, the higher the mark of your car, the higher tax you pay.

Many Nigerians have many houses and no tax is being paid for any. We consume a lot of exotic goods and no tax on all these goods. By the time there is a tax system that controls all these; lots of revenues are going to be generated and people will be conscious of their expenditure. In America both private sectors and public sectors comply with their tax obligations.”

Woow… this is the much we can take for today. Remain blessed and don’t forget, we’re reaching you from Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy. You can partner with us or sign up now at www.youthscare.org

Many thanks for your time and good night!

Youthscarely yours,

Remy Chukwunyere

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Why is America richer than Nigeria?


Good evening and happy weekend, ladies and gentlemen! Today, on your daily tonic, I want you to add your voice and tell us “Why is America richer than Nigeria? Anyway, that’s if you even believe America is richer…. Hahaha!

This was the multi million naira question, my boss, Governor Rochas Okorocha asked us yesterday while teaching us his “Rochanomics” leadership concept. As a trainer and facilitator myself, I watched with delight how he professionally led the sessions.

According to him, God created the universe and gave to all nations and countries the same basic gifts, which are: human and material resources. He added that developed countries around the world, like America made maximum use of both their human and material resources, while those who neglected either the human or material resources ended up in poverty and underdevelopment.

Now, back to the question again… Why is America richer than Nigeria? In a bid to answer this question, so many people said that Americans were usually taught to love their country from childhood. Some said that it’s because of the foundation laid by their forefathers while others still maintained that it’s because of their environment and blamed the poverty in Africa on the abundance of food and natural resources.

As reasonable as those answers may be, for me, I think, America is richer than Nigeria because their economy is private sector driven while in Nigeria, we depend on the government for everything. I don’t know what your opinion is but I strongly believe that too much dependence on the government and oil companies, for those in the Niger Delta region have affected us so much.

While other young people in developed countries are busy pitching their business ideas before Venture Capital Groups, Angel Investors and Equity Investors, our youths are here waiting for government white collar jobs, where they will be paid peanuts. The same applies to our contractors and service providers, there’s no business if it’s not a government bloated contract.

The truth is that, a nation that depends on the government for everything can never be prosperous. It’s only the springing up of private sector led investments that can increase the GDP of any country. Have you ever wondered why the high exchange rate between the naira and other foreign currencies like the Dollar, Euro, Pounds, etc have refused to crash? It’s because, we’re not producing anything, not manufacturing anything and not exporting anything…

Aaahhhh, I think it’s time to hear from you, guys! Don’t forget to sign up for the Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy at www.youthscare.org

I am youthscarely yours,

Remy Chukwunyere

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What is Lean Innovation?

lean innovation

Good evening and how are you people today? So sorry, I have been away from my base for two days now, that’s why you have not had your daily tonic since then. The good thing is that I came back with a new word or sorry… a new phrase that I would like to discuss with you today on the “Business in You Daily”

I was excited today when I came across the phrase, “lean innovation” during the partners’ impact assessment roundtable organized by the Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta in Port Harcourt. You know, like I said, I learn every day and have always encouraged you to do so, too.

What is lean innovation, you may ask? My dear, I was surprised when I learnt that lean innovation means the same thing as the phrase “start small”, which we have agreed is the best strategy for a business startup.

The lesson I learnt from this is that, there’s really nothing new to learn even when you’re admitted to study for an MBA. All the knowledge that we will ever need to apply in life are already deposited in us, consciously or unconsciously from our association with others or by intuition. How come they nicknamed our start small strategy and now call it lean innovation?

Anyway, whatever, you choose to call it, like I have always shared with us here, starting small helps you reduce the risks associated with a business startup. It also enables you learn on the business and adapt to market forces, which determine your success or failure in the business.

In any case, we also need to understand that whether it’s lean innovation or start small strategy, its application is relative as it all depends on your capacity and technical expertise as well as availability of resources at startup. Just like one of the partners pointed out, what you may consider robust or mega for you may just be lean for persons like Dangote. Hahahaha…. Very funny!

Woooww… this is very interesting, I hope you’re enjoying it. Don’t forget to sign up for the Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy at www.youthscare.org

Best regards and good night!

I remain, youthscarely yours,

Remy Chukwunyere

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Seek information in your business area

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Good evening and how are you all doing today? I thank God for giving us the gift of another great week. Once more, I am glad to be with you on the Business in You Daily for today.

My message for you today is clear. You must seek and crave for information relevant to the success of your business if you must remain in business. Information they say is power. That’s very true because, an Igbo adage says that “what you don’t know is older than you”.

As an entrepreneur, information related to your business is priceless and should be sought above all things. Books and the internet are very rich sources of information for your businesses. Unfortunately, most business owners do not read and do not have time for the internet.

The above should not be your case because for you to be able to add values to your business, you need to have enough information on the latest trends in the trade. Access to relevant information is also needed for you to be able to beat your competitors and remain on top.

Mentors are also valuable sources of information in your business. Having seen it all, a mentor will gladly offer to guide you because, he wouldn’t want you to make the same mistakes he made while starting and growing his business. Meanwhile, it’s important you know and understand who your mentor is before you run into the hands of dream killers.

At Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy, we provide life mentoring to our participants, even after graduating from the Academy. Grab this unprecedented opportunity now by signing up at www.youthscare.org. If you desire to host the next Business in You Talk Show in your school, church, city, etc, do not hesitate to contact us at 0803 870 2075.

Remember, information is power. Many thanks for your time and good night!

I am youthscarely yours,

Remy Chukwunyere

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I saw “the Mama Put Seller” today

mama put

Good evening and happy weekend, my people! Welcome to the Business in You Daily for the day. Special greetings from the women of All Saints Anglican Church, Umuguma, who hosted me today.

Yes truly, I saw the “Mama Put Seller” today! I don’t mean that I have not seen one before… after all, I have eaten from them severally. I was so excited today when I met one at the conference because, I usually use the “mama put seller” example, whenever I want to illustrate the “start small” concept. In fact, her presence assisted me in no small measure because we ended up using her as a case study.

She told us her story, how she started selling food with the tray on her head. At that startup stage, she couldn’t even afford a wheel barrow or truck. Later, she started using a wheel barrow and today, she has a tent. She equally admitted that her business will transform into a restaurant very soon, as she is looking for a shop.

While analyzing their businesses, one after the other, I encouraged the Mama Put Seller to hurry and transform into a Restaurant because, the same meal she sells for maybe, N200 will begin to sell for N500 or more because of the values she must have added to the business.

One of the participants reported that she abandoned her small poultry farm at her backyard because her husband doesn’t like the smell from the farm and she has no other space to continue. After encouraging her to take a piece of land on lease from her neighbours, I equally opened her eyes to other business opportunities in the fish and poultry value chains, such as buying and processing the fresh fish or chicken from the farmers and selling to the end users such as restaurants, hotels, etc.

I made them realize that they would even be making more money than the farmers themselves since their supplies could become daily affairs while the farmers wait for 2 or 3 months cycles before their next sales.

My dear, I enjoyed the session today, because, it was highly interactive and we analyzed real practical issues. You too, will sure have this rare opportunity if you want us to move the talk show to your community, church, school, university, etc.

Call us now on 0803 870 2075 for a partnership discussion and please, don’t forget to register for the Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy at www.youthscare.org

I remain youthscarely yours,

Remy Chukwunyere

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Challenges women entrepreneurs face in Africa, part 2

women entrepreneurs 3
Good evening and welcome to today’s Business in You Daily! In preparation for our Business in You Talk Show coming up next specially designed for some women entrepreneurs in Imo State, we’re continuing our discussions on the many challenges that affect their performance in business.
Lending her voice to the ongoing discussion, Nma-exotic Charity said that women, especially wives are most discouraged by the effect their jobs would have on their primary roles as home keepers. They want to achieve but dread the stigma of “home abandonment” associated with career wives.
According to her… “Based on my personal experience, I believe the primary way to encourage women entrepreneurs is the practical proof or provisions which gives them the ASSURANCE that their primary roles won’t be affected. Also recognizing our efforts publicly, especially in the face of insecure husbands or narrow-minded folks would go a very long way. This should be the spring board. Other forms of support, e.g. enlightenment, financial assistance and social support are quite secondary because women instinctively know how to be creatively resourceful.”
For Carol Kezziah Wambui, “other cultural stereotypes, believe that a woman must be offering other favors to men or her husband is a fool. The demands of balancing her family life and business demands are sometimes overwhelming and can cause some areas to suffer. For example, her relationship with her spouse could bear the strain of a growing business.
Male clients, suppliers and or creditors who don’t see a sharp business woman but a loose woman sometimes refuse to pay for her goods or services just because she’s a woman! They drop uncouth jokes at her expense and may even harass her with cruel sexual jokes. Some of the male bank managers are worst when it comes to this as they are capable of delaying a loan approval unless the lady agrees to their terms.
Wooow, these comments are coming from the women, themselves! Some even wrote from their personal experiences, a clear revelation of the many challenges our women are passing through in their pursuits of better futures for their families.
This is the much we can take for today as tomorrow remains another day…. Don’t forget to sign up at www.youthscare.org for the Youth Cooperative and Enterprise Academy.
Many thanks for your time and good night!
I remain, youthscarely yours,
Remy Chukwunyere

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